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Art&Seek Jr: Farmers Markets to Visit With Your Kids

by Therese Powell 30 Jul 2013 4:57 PM

You don’t have to grow your own to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Just get the kiddies up early Saturday and stock up at one of these local farmers markets.


Art&Seek Jr. is one mom‘s quest to find activities to end the seemingly endless chorus of the “I’m Bored Blues” while having fun herself. Impossible you say? Check back on Tuesdays for kid-friendly events that are fun for adults, too.

I love the idea of having my own garden. The key word in that sentence is “idea.” To say I don’t have a green thumb is a massive understatement. I can’t even keep my lawn alive, and I swear my house plants shutter when I walk by. But despite being agriculturally challenged, fanciful dreams of a beautifully tended vegetable garden in a cute, raised bed dance through my head. A flock of urban chickens that’s as prized as the family dog would also be nice. I smile as I picture my child working happily along side, me with a hoe in hand whilst eating an heirloom tomato like an apple.

This flight of fancy of mine shows up every spring like the arrival of the colorful annuals at The Home Depot. Of course, by mid-June practicality sets in and the whole thing is decidedly less appealing. The “get real” factors of soaring Texas temperatures and cleaning up chicken poo kill the “idea” deader than dirt for me every year. And let’s face it, I can’t even get Rose to eat chunky marinara sauce.

If you’re like me and love fresh veggies but have “garden commitment issues,” try the next best thing: your local farmers market. Here are just a few in our area worth checking out this weekend:

Our valiant, but failed attempt at growing sunflowers. (photo: Therese Powell)

Our valiant (but failed) attempt at growing sunflowers. (Photo: Therese Powell)

Got food adventurers in your family? Tell them they can sample desserts made from salsas at the Saint Michael’s Farmers Market on Saturday. Located in the parking lot of Saint Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church in northeast Dallas, this market welcomes more than 30 local vendors every Saturday and features everything from Tex-Mex to desserts.

Eden’s Organic Garden Center/CSA Farm is a small neighborhood farmers market located in Balch Springs about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. Besides some yummy, fresh, locally grown veggies, you can also grab some tips on healthy eating and gardening. If you want to be really green, ride your bike. Just take DART’s Green Line to Buckner Station and then head straight down Elam to Pioneer.

Ever wonder what great-grandma did before Del-Monte came along? Find out at a free canning demonstration (jams, pickles, salsas) at Cowtown Farmers Market in Fort Worth on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. There will be free samples so the kids can have a taste of the real deal.

The White Rock Local Market has grown so popular that it has expanded to a second location on Lakeside the first and third Saturdays of the month. This Saturday is an “Everything Market,” which means that in addition to the usual staple of fruits and vegetables, the market will also feature locally made arts and crafts, clothes, jewelry, toys, furniture, refurbished vintage bikes and more. All vendors make or grow what they sell.

Maybe there’s still hope that I can get Rose to eat a tomato like an apple.

Therese Powell is an Art&Seek calendar coordinator and KERA-TV producer. She spends most of her free time seeking out adventures for her 8-year-old daughter, Rose. Tell us about your ideas for quirky kid adventures by leaving a comment. Or e-mail Therese at [email protected].