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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 18 Jul 2013 7:26 AM

Forcing a solution on Nasher v. Museum Tower, plus words with a current Nasher artist and thoughts on the changing face of piano competitions.


A NASHER/MUSEUM TOWER PLAN: Negotiations on a solution for the Nasher v. Museum Tower glare fiasco are at a standstill. The smart money is that this thing ends up in court – neither side seems willing to give up an inch of ground at this point unless ordered to. But Steve Blow writes that there may be path that has the same finality with out all the lawyers. “Let’s enlist a panel of objective, outside engineers and architects to review all the studies and the history. Let them commission whatever new research is needed. Let them assess all the possible fixes,” he writes on “And then let’s marshal public support for all parties to abide by whatever solution they suggest.”

A SPLASH OF COLOR: Speaking of the Nasher, if you’ve stopped by recently you’ve certainly noticed Katharina Grosse’s giant, color-saturated pieces. One of them starts inside a gallery and continues out a window into the garden. The German artist says the idea was to interact with the collection and building itself. “In general, this is a collection that is classical modernist sculpture that are on pedestals and rarely dealing with color. Color is a taboo in post war sculpture,” she tells Front Row. “That’s why I find this very interesting, the confrontation with a so decidedly sculptural collection.”

QUOTABLE: “We’re launching careers for young musicians for real life. You say the Cliburn is difficult? Real life is also difficult, my friend.”

– Cliburn Competition executive director Jacques Marquis, in a story about the changing face of international piano competitions ahead of this week’s World Piano Competition in Cincinnati.