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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 9 Jul 2013 7:45 AM

Randy Travis remains in critical condition. Plus, the reviews on Stage West's farce and a visual art project tied to the JFK assassination.


TRAVIS IN CRITICAL CONDITION: Randy Travis is in critical condition with a viral heart infection. He was admitted to a unidentified Texas hospital on Sunday – he had more shows scheduled for this week. that he was doing well over the weekend, “Then on Sunday, it hit him.” The country superstar owns a ranch in Grayson County.

SWING AND A MISS: In Stage West”s The Fox on the Fairway, two country clubs prepare to battle one another in their annual tournament. Amid the run-up, a huge wager is placed, love affairs fire up and a diamond disappears. In case you haven”t guessed, it”s a farce. So how do all those elements come together? Not as well as one might hope says Lawson Taitte. “It has its funny moments, some of which even provoke laughter that could be called raucous,” he writes on “Compared to the best English and French specimens of the genre, though, it’s a mess.” Jan Farrington also had problems with it. “It’s a pleasant enough evening. But still, finding the laughs shouldn’t feel like this much heavy lifting for a worthy cast and director,” she writes on Judge for yourself through Aug. 11.

JFK REVISITED: With the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination nearing, Dallas is being given the chance to reconsider the reputation it gained following the event. At least that”s the goal of the Dallas LOVE Project. It”s spearheaded by Dallas artist Karen Blessen. “After President Kennedy was assassinated here on Nov. 22, 1963, Dallas was labeled by some as a ‘City of Hate,’” she tells “We want to use art to show that love lives in Dallas.” Anyone who wants to participate can create a piece of two-dimensional art that will be displayed along the Kennedy motorcade route beginning Sept. 21 – International Peace Day. More information is on the project”s website.