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ArtConspiracy Announces Beneficiary at MOUNTED

by Anne Bothwell 12 Jun 2013 10:24 AM

A few snaps and a few facts from Art Conspiracy’s Mounted.


bear head

Hobbes Vincent’s “One Half” sold for the highest bid.

Couple of things to know now that the dust has settled from Art Conspiracy’s MOUNTED on Saturday night:

  • This year’s beneficiary will be My Possibilities, a non-profit group that offers continuing education to adults with disabilities such as Down Syndrome and autism who have aged out of secondary education.  In 2011, My Possibilities started the Create program, which encourages self-expression through all manner of instruction in the arts, from techniques to history.  The money raised this year will go to pay for art supplies, workshops and  field trips.
  • Hobbes Vincent’s “One Half” sold for the highest bid, $850.
  • And the main ArtCon event will be held Nov. 16th.  Location TBA. Stay tuned.

Mounted artists



Mike Arreaga’s “XX”