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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 10 Jun 2013 7:52 AM

Local music producers take you into their studios, plus local music notes and a survey shows African Americans aren’t happy with their entertainment options.


MEET THE PRODUCERS: When local acts put out new albums, most of them are recording those albums right here in North Texas. And those bands have plenty of talented local producers to work with. Take Paul Williams, for example. He’s produced albums by Home by Hovercraft, Eleven Hundred Springs, Keegan McInroe, Sorta and Air Review. Williams and four other local producers are profiled on You might be surprised by just how much music these guys have worked on.

MUSIC BITS: Erykah Badu wowed ’em with her weekend performance with the Brooklyn Philharmonic. ( … Frequencies, Vol. 4, which features music from Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards nominees, is now available for download. (soundcloud) … Headed to Klyde Warren Park? Be sure to check out the drum circle. (DC9 at Night)

HERE WE ARE NOW, ENTERTAIN US: Our friends at the NPR mothership have been looking into a recent survey of how African-Americans view their communities. And as it turns out, the area that scores the lowest is local entertainment venues. Those polled give two main reasons: they feel the area where the movie theater or club is is unsafe, or they feel the venue caters only to whites. NPR’s Code Switch blog actually called up some of the people who participated in the survey, whose comments are most enlightening.