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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 7 Jun 2013 7:27 AM

Today in the roundup: The sights and sounds of ‘Sister Act,’ a new novel from the long-dead Pearl S. Buck and a UNT professor’s new photo app.


FUN WITH NUNS: The touring production of Sister Act is currently setting up shop at the Music Hall at Fair Park. The Dallas Summer Musicals show opened on Tuesday, and this video captures the sights and sounds from opening night. So should you go? Lawson Taitte says that depends. “How much you enjoy Sister Act may depend on whether you can stand the big production numbers in which nuns in spangled habits dance in chorus lines, occasionally joined by a priest in a glitzy chasuble and some way-oversized altar boys,” he writes on You’ve got a little time to decide – the show runs through June 16.

A SPARE BUCK: An unpublished novel by Pulitzer and Nobel prize winner Pearl S. Buck has been discovered in a most-unlikely place – a Fort Worth storage shed. It’s been authenticated by Buck experts and will be released in October in both hardback and e-book form. “It’s a novel that encompasses some of Buck’s common themes: intercultural relationships, travel, China, Asia in general,” Michael Carlisle, a literary agent who represents the Buck estate, tells “This is a very, very exciting moment for anybody who loves the oeuvre of Pearl Buck.”

TEAM TIME-LAPSE: Just when you thought the ideas for smartphone apps had been exhausted, someone goes and invents one worthwhile. In this case, the inventor is a UNT professor. Ruth West’s idea is for an app that would assemble a time-lapse photo of landmarks comprised of photos shot by different people. So how would that work? You can find out on Saturday by checking out an exhibition called “rePhoto: Relating Urban Ecology to Participatory Culture” at UNT on the Square. More details on the project at at