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Who Will Take the Taxidermy Challenge at ArtCon’s Mounted?

by Anne Bothwell 24 May 2013 10:27 AM

Here’s a look at the artists who will be contributing a piece of work based on a taxidermy mounting board to Art Con’s Mounted event.


You might recall that Art Conspiracy‘s annual seed event, “Mounted,” is right around the corner, on June 8 at Life in Deep Ellum.

Now comes word of the artists who’ve accepted the challenge – and a taxidermy mounting board – to create a piece of work for the auction that will raise money to fund Art Conspiracy main event later this fall.  Artists range from screen printers to robot builders, and part of the fun will be seeing how they incorporate the mounting board into their work.

Here’s who’s playing this year:mountedvertical 2013

Mike Arreaga

Cabe Booth

Gary Buckner

Travis Bush

Meagan Dahl

L.E. Doughtie

Dylan Dowdy

Pamela Dowdy

Angela Faz

Erica Felicella

Sarah Francis

Sergio Garza

Erik Glissmann

Corey Godfrey

John Gonzales

Kurt Griesbach

Gabbe Grodin

David Harrel

Ross High

Levi Leddy

Lisa Lindholm

Randy Lisbona

Jessie Martinez

Julie McCullough

Aralyn McGregor

Alex Mitchell

Vanessa Neil

Kevin Obregon

Caroline Oliver

Steve Rainwater

Danny Rose

Richard Ross

Edward Ruiz

Julia Schloss

Clint Scism

Brad Ford Smith

Rachel Spire

Rachel Stephens

Kris Swenson

Esteban Tijerina

Can Turkyilmaz

Hobbes Vincent