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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 16 May 2013 8:02 AM

Today in the roundup: Reviewing ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,’ the future of central libraries and the Oak Cliff Five reunites.


REVIEWING ‘PRISCILLA’: In Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a trio of friends sets off on a road trip that gets wilder by the mile. Dallas Summer Musicals has brought the disco musical – based on a 1994 movie – to town; it’s currently in residence at the Musical Hall at Fair Park. So is it worth the trip? “Priscilla meets the ‘fun! fun! fun!’ quotient,” Mark Lowry writes on dfw.com. “But over-the-top costumes and drag numbers can’t erase the empty feeling once the lights come up.” Lawson Taitte was impressed by the acting but annoyed with everything else. “When the songs wedge themselves into dramatic scenes, the stretch to make the lyrics fit inspires giggles in the audience,” he writes on dallasnews.com. “And you’d think that a big, splashy show like this one would at least have fun dance numbers, but the choreography never rises above basic.” Judge for yourself through May 26.

THE LIBRARY CONUNDRUM: The library’s attempt to keep up with 21st Century demands has long been a topic of conversation. But a Wall Street Journal story drills down a level to ask a more specific question: What’s the role of the big city, massive central library? Cities from St. Louis to Boston are restructuring these grand, old structures to try to bring them into the digital age. And similar plans are being considered for New York’s central library. But these renovations are tricky. “Changing New York’s central library to make it more relevant for today’s users makes sense only if ‘relevance’ weren’t such a moving target,” Julie Iovine writes in the story. It’s a good read for those who care about the future of these institutions.

QUOTABLE: “In Oak Cliff, we thought of ourselves as being across the border from Dallas. We were in these rough-and-tumble buildings and there was a real camaraderie. We were the wild boys.”

– Austin artist Bob “Daddy-O” Wade, once part of the famed Oak Cliff Five. He talks about an upcoming reunion show at Gray Matters Gallery with dallasnews.com.