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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 13 May 2013 7:57 AM

Today in the roundup: The buildings that define Dallas, opera’s ticket-selling problem and an NPR dance contest.


WE BUILT THIS CITY: Did you catch 10 Buildings That Changed America last night on KERA? The show’s title is pretty self-explanatory – Trinity Church in Boston, Dulles International Airport and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. all made the cut. North Texas didn’t land a landmark on the list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few that are important locally. DMN architecture critic Mark Lamster runs through his 11 buildings that define Dallas in a photo feature. First up: Bryan Cabin in Downtown Dallas.

RIGHTING THE SHIP: If you have to wager a guess as to whether opera tickets sales had risen or dropped over the last 10 years, you’d probably guess dropped. And you’d be right. But a recent analysis of the top tier of opera companies reveals that a lot of that drop is due to a significant decrease in subscriptions sales; single-ticket purchases are actually slightly up. Dallas Opera general director and CEO Keith Cerny writes in his latest Off the Cuff column that reversing that trend is key. The good news is he’s come up with four strategies that might do the trick.

DANCE WITH US: Our pals at the NPR mothership have got a challenge for you. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Rite of Spring, they’re asking pros and average Joe’s alike to choreograph their own moves to the last minute of the score. Details on how you can participate are at Should you decide to take part, please, please, please let us know. We’ll feature your video on Art&Seek.