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Art&Seek Jr: Go Play With Your Toys

by Therese Powell 30 Apr 2013 11:33 AM

Gather up your favorite toys and head to one of these fun toy-themed events.


Art&Seek Jr. is one mom‘s quest to find activities to end the seemingly endless chorus of the “I’m Bored Blues” while having fun herself.  Impossible you say? Check back on Tuesdays for kid-friendly events that are fun for adults, too.

This probably falls into the category of “over-sharing”, but I’m certain many of you can relate, so I’ll go ahead and spill.

Recently, my darling daughter brought home some unwelcome little friends… and I don’t mean the cute, fluffy kind that follow the kids home, or even the pesky human variety. These little critters were just that–critters. And even though they’re basically harmless, they strike fear in the hearts of moms everywhere when mentioned in a take-home memo from the kid’s school. Thaaaat’s right people, we’re talking lice.

My head still itches just thinking about it.

But these things happen. So we took the necessary steps to send the little varmits packing which included giving my daughter a lovely pesticide shampoo and then picking the insects out her snarled, waist-length hair with a metal comb. Twice. But as bad as that sounds, for Rose, the collateral damage to her beloved stuffed animals was far worse. Per the instructions on the big box of RID, all things stuffed were put in garbage bags and banished to the garage for two weeks. It was sad, sad, sad at the Powell house as Rose forlornly looked out the window at the garage–or as she called it, “the animal prison”, and counted down the days until her pals were out of the clink. Any doubt I had that Rose didn’t love these toys was dismissed when they were finally sprung and allowed back in her bed.

Children really do bond and form special attactments with their favorite playthings. You and your tinies can create your own toy stories at one of these fun events especially for kids and their favorite toys.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is teaming up with everyone’s favorite glamor girl for Barbie at the Symphony this Saturday at the Meyerson. You and your little girly-girls can listen to the DSO live as they accompany some of Barbie’s animated movies. After the show, there will be the opportunity to meet Barbie in person and have your picture taken with her from 12:30 – 3 p.m. at Barbie’s exclusive tea party. Barbie’s tea party is separate admission from Barbie at the Symphony and advance reservations are required.

It’s sleepover just for stuffed-animals at the Central Branch of the Garland Public Library. Photo credit: Therese Powell

It’s Legopalooza this weekend as Legoland Discovery Center hosts a special Star Wars extravaganza. The cleverly named  May the 4th Be With You will feature Star Wars-themed builds, costume and trivia contests, a Lego Yoda mural display, appearances from 501st Legion costume characters and a chance to observe Master builders put together a Lego Star Wars model.

Ever wonder what your toys are up to once you fall asleep? Here’s your changed to find out. The Central branch of the Nicholson Memorial Library in Garland is hosting a Stuffed Animal Night at the Library, May 15. Kids can take part in the fun of stories and crafts in the company of their favorite animal friend and then leave their stuffed buddy at the library overnight for additional fun. Plush party animals will be photographed enjoying the library and the pictures emailed to their young owners. A couple of  important notes for parents: for obvious reasons, don’t send an animal that is essential to your child’s daily routine, and pick up for the toys is two days after the event.

I wonder if toys have Facebook accounts?

Therese Powell is an Art&Seek calendar coordinator and KERA-TV producer. She spends most of her free time seeking out adventures for her 7-year-old daughter, Rose. Tell us about your quirky kid adventures by leaving a comment. Or e-mail Therese at [email protected]