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Friday Round-Up

by Anne Bothwell 29 Mar 2013 8:18 AM

Funding ideas for the park in Dallas, and the arts in Fort Worth, swishing through theater history, and a few gallery hits. Happy Friday.


Cash for culture: In yesterday’s round-up Jerome mentioned  Klyde Warren Park team’s efforts to create a Public Improvement District to capture tax dollars for the green space, and neighboring arts institutions objections to it.  Park head Jody Grant will meet with arts officials today, but, as DMN’s Robert Wilonsky reports, he’s pleading with the groups to work with him.

Cash for culture II: Meantime, in Fort Worth, the Star-Telegram reports a mayoral task force has recommended the city use money from gas royalties and leases, and not hotel tax money, to shore up funding for arts. Jody Ulich, the head of the Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, and a past proponent of exploring arts funding through the hotel tax, praised the task force recommendations as “creative” and “a step in the right direction,”  though she told the S-T she’s concerned about possible declines in gas revenues over time,  The City Council will review the recommendations.

Swish story: Poignant story in the NYT about the personal connection Nathan Lane and playwright Douglas Carter Beane have to The Nance. The Broadway comedy stars Lane as Chauncey Miles, a gay 1930s burlesque performer struggling to find love and feel he deserves it. Both men related to Chauncey’s tale – and the history of the stock swishy character in burlesque. Beane told the Times he set the new play aside while finishing up other projects, including Lysistrata Jones, known round these parts as Give It Up. He talked to Jerome Weeks about adapting Greek tragedy when the musical opened at the Dallas Theater Center. While The Nance is a comedy, sounds like there are elements of same in this new work.

Gallery hits: Observer offers a nice look at photographer Justin Terveen’s work, on display at Kettle Art Gallery…my favorite stop on Fort Worth’s gallery night last Saturday was ArtSpace 111’s Like show. Simple concept – one work from an artist, placed next to a work from an artist whose work has inspired or informed or pleased the first.