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Tuesday Roundup

by Jerome Weeks 12 Mar 2013 7:21 AM

We travel all over for this Roundup, including New York City, the Netherlands and oh, let’s see, the entire roster of the Dallas International Film Festival. Hey, it includes movies from 28 countries.


LIVE FROM AMSTERDAM – Yesterday, we interviewed Aldert Vermeulen, the Dallas Symphony’s director of artistic planning who’s traveling with the DSO on its European tour. Last night was the DSO’s debut in Eindhoven in Holland, but tonight is when the orchestra performs Mahler’s Sixth Symphony in the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The DMN’s Scott Cantrell, who’s on the tour, has been posting repeatedly, and none of it’s behind the paywall. You can also hear tonight’s performance live — streaming on the Concertgebouw’s website — or if you can’t handle the 6 hour time difference (8 pm there will be 2 pm here, right in the middle of my second early afternoon nap), the concert will be available for free for 24 hours afterwards.

LIVE FROM THE MET -Tracy Cox, a 27-year-old soprano from Dallas, was one of the ten finalists Sunday afternoon for the Metropolitan Opera’s 60th annual National Council Auditions. Nearly 1,500 singers between the ages of 20 and 30 and from across the US and Canada participated in the prestigious competition. As one of the 10 finalists, Tracy did win $5,000, but alas, she was not one of the six winners, each of whom received $15,000. On the other hand, appearing in the Auditions has launched opera careers. Nearly 100 alumni of the auditions appear regularly in the Met’s season alone.

ON SCREEN IN DALLAS – As Stephen reported from Austin, Mud, a new film starring Matthew McConaughey hiding out on a Mississippi island, will be screened at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival April 4-14. And now DIFF’s whole roster of 175 films from 28 countries is up online — including a whole slew of Texas-themed, Texas-shot, Texan-starring movies, plus C.O.G., the first film adaptation of a David Sedaris story, a documentary of infamous author-pimp Iceberg Slim and movies about Renoir, Hannah Arendt and Jackie Robinson.