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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 6 Mar 2013 7:56 AM

Today in the roundup: A release date for a local filmmaker, a preview of TITAS’ next program and Good Records: The TV Show?


SAVE THE DATE: You might have heard about a film called Ain’t Them Bodies Saints that was a big hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It even made’s list of 10 Sundance Hits Most Likely to Be Next Year’s Oscar Noms. It was made by Dallas filmmaker David Lowery and stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck as a couple of criminals who are separated when one gets sent to the big house. Anyway, sometimes movies play the big film festivals and it seems like you never hear from them again. But that’s not the case with this one. IFC will release Ain’t Them Bodies Saints in limited release on Aug. 16, which probably means you’ll be able to see it locally a week or two after that.

NORTHERN MIGRATION: On Friday, the rhythms of Brazil will make their way to the Winspear Opera House. That’s when TITAS presents Grupo Corpo, the Brazilian dance company that combines traditional ballet movements with influences from its home country. “In Brazil, people have a special way they walk. There is a sensuality inside Brazilian people,” choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras tells “I try to explore these kinds of feelings.” For more on the performance, check out‘s interview with Pederneiras.

SPIN DOCTORS: Record Store Day is April 20. And as we approach the date, one of our local record stores is working to become more than just a record store. That’s because Dallas’ Good Records could find itself the subject of a television show. “Imagine a scripted series with characters that live and work around Good Records as their home base,” series creator/producer Christopher Telles tells “It’s still really early in pre-production, but there’s a script that exists for a pilot [episode].” Telles also says he’s planning a casting day at SXSW.