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State of the Arts: Print This Sculpture; Display That Data

by Anne Bothwell 6 Mar 2013 2:32 PM

Prepare for a mind-blowing State of the Arts with panelists who are pushing the boundaries of art and technology. Come join us Thursday night.


Tomorrow night’s our final installment  State of the Arts this season and the topic is technology in the arts. (Join us please.) Our panelists are truly thought leaders; and in the rapid environment of the tech world, the edges they are exploring may soon be what we’re all playing with on our phones and computers.

KERA’s Jeff Whittington will chat with Nancy Hairston, an artist and CEO of SculptCad. Her company is pushing the boundaries of 3D printing. How’s that apply to art? Check out the video above. Or Jerome Weeks’ report on how Hairston worked with local artists to create new work.

Panelist Robert Stein, Deputy Director of the DMA, is the man responsible for many of the museum’s innovations in the digital world. He’s one of the founders of artbabble, and at his previous gig at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, he created a commercial software consulting group within the museum that helps create open-source software for cultural institutions.

Dr. Roger F. Malina of UTDallas’s ATEC program, will also join the group.  Jeff came back from a pre-interview with Malina talking about the crisis in representation of data created by the seemingly infinite amount of it available to us now.  Not just the visual representation, but also the sonification of it.  What does that mean? I’m not really sure, but suspect we’ll understand it tomorrow.

I am sure of this:  prepare to have your mind bent.