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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 4 Mar 2013 7:55 AM

Today in the roundup: The evolution of opera supertitles, new acquisitions on display at the DMA and eulogizing Van Cliburn.


MUSIC AND LYRICS: Supertitles are such a standard piece of the operagoing experience that it’s kind of hard to believe they’ve only been around for 30 years. Still, the practice has continuously evolved in that time – from where the supertitles are placed to how the languages are translated. Keith Cerny has followed the tool’s innovation closely, and the Dallas Opera general director and CEO ponders its place in the opera world in his latest Off the Cuff column for And speaking of Cerny, Jerome hosts the next Conversations with Keith event Tuesday night. They’ll be joined by Dallas Theater Center managing director Heather Kitchen for a discussion of “Accessible versus Avant-Garde Productions of Music and Theater.”

NEW AT THE DMA: The Dallas Museum of Art is constantly adding to its permanent collection. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the new acquisitions are instantly on display. In fact, three such pieces have recently found homes in various galleries. They are a Cindy Sherman soup tureen, a Tiffany vase and decorative box. You can take a look at each and find details about where exactly in the museum they are located on the DMA’s Uncrated blog.

QUOTABLE: “Van traveled the world, charming friend and foe. Members of the President’s Club could have taken a lesson from him in diplomacy.”

– Former President George W. Bush, in his eulogy of Van Cliburn on Sunday. More from the funeral can be found at