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Popping Up in Deep Ellum

by Jerome Weeks 1 Mar 2013 1:51 PM

The latest in a series of pop-up galleries finds the Deep Ellum Windows project hosting a solo exhibition and a group one. Don’t worry, you can stroll from one to the other. They’re only two doors apart on Main.


Putting to good if temporary use some of Deep Ellum’s (currently) empty storefronts owned by Deep Ellum 42 is the idea behind the Deep Ellum Windows project. Translation: This weekend is seeing the latest in a loose series of pop-up galleries, pop-ups that began in February and which appear in two nearby spaces in the 2600 block of Main, all of it hosted by the collaborative Apophenia Underground. But then, seeing as “apophenia” refers to the tendency to find patterns in random data, maybe I’m just spitballing here.

The curated exhibitions this weekend will be one solo and one group, Interaction and Oligotokous. Interaction features work by Jesse England (above) involving lots of cool-sounding materials (“mirrored glass, liquid copper and flame-cut steel”) while, judging from my minimal classic Greek, the artists in Oligotokous seem to be rather modest about themselves. Oligos means “few” (an oligarchy is rule by a few people) and tokous means something like “interest.” So: of interest to only a few. Or perhaps, an interesting little group.

In any event, the artists featured include Francis Giampietro, Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Hiroko Kubo and the collaborative, Performance Southwest. But here’s the deal with pop-ups: This Oligos stuff is literally going to be up for only one day, tomorrow, complete with a reception for both shows, while Interaction  will be there for a week until March 8, though the recommendation is that it’s best seen at night.

  • Congratulations to Jesse England for popping up art. Way to go!

  • Congratulations to Jesse England for popping up art. Way to go!