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At Last, Jac Alder Finds a New Job …

by Jerome Weeks 19 Feb 2013 5:48 PM

… I mean, the guy’s been running Theatre 3 for how long? About time he got a new gig.


… the man seemed pretty much un-hire-able, y’know? Had to cast himself in Theatre 3 shows, direct Theatre 3 shows, design Theatre 3 shows. You’d think he owned the place or something.

Oh? Really? Didn’t know that. Co-founder?

OK, so anyway, still. It’s not like other people were casting him, y’know what I mean?

Un. Hire. Able.

But now someone has.

The Bruce Wood Dance Project is opening its new season March 15 with a new, expanded version of last year’s moving, all-male My Brother’s Keeper. And it’ll feature Jac Alder — along with Chris Vo, a Booker T grad who went on to NBC-TV’s SMASH, and Domingo Estrada, a TCU grad who’s currently a member of the Mark Morris Dance Company.

Big things for Jac. First, studying to be an architect. Then running a theater for 150 years. And now, he’s got another career going, hanging out with these hotshots.

Things like this, they’re likely to encourage him.