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Aurora Kick Off – Three Days, Three Art Shows, Starts Tonight

by Anne Bothwell 24 Jan 2013 12:03 PM

Three pop-up one-night art shows kick off the campaign to fund Aurora this year.


Using Kickstarter, Indie GoGo or another fund-raising web site to pay for films, CDs and art projects isn’t new. And lots of North Texans have successfully realized their campaigns. But it’s not usually as easy as making your video, posting your project,  and relaxing while the money rolls in.  Bart Weiss, head of Dallas VideoFest, mentioned recently that getting attention for your campaign while it’s running, constantly reminding your social media friends to contribute,  can be a full-time job.

Which brings us to Aurora, the the sound/light/video installation project that uses the buildings in the Dallas Arts District as its canvas. (Here’s Stephen’s piece on the 2011 installment.)

The artists and organizers behind Aurora (that’s Joshua King in the video above) are launching their IndieGoGo campaign this week to pay for some of the most expensive costs associated with their project. (Think electric bill and generators.)  And they’re kicking off the campaign with an ambitious project that goes beyond the usual Facebook campaign:  three different art shows, each featuring three artists, at a separate venue each night, including one show at the Omni Skywalk.  All are 6-9 p.m.

Tonight: Clay Austin, Chris Lattanzio and JoMar Da Collective at BuyLEDS Showroom, 2522 Irving Blvd.

Friday: Jeremy Mckane, Shane Pennington and Don Relyea at the Omni Skywalk.

Saturday: Wanda Dye, Edward Ruiz and Mari Hidalgo at WAAS Gallery.

Will Aurora make its $30,000 goal?  We’ll keep you posted.  Meantime, a good excuse to check out interesting work.