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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 23 Jan 2013 7:49 AM

The Dallas Contemporary has been selling some donated prints on eBay, Theater Arlington is without an executive director and Turkey plays hardball with art museums – except the DMA.


ABOUT THOSE PRINTS: The Dallas Contemporary has found itself in some hot water recently for selling some prints donated by local artists on eBay. Those artists, who include Vernon Fisher, Annette Lawrence, James Surls and others let the Contemporary know in a letter they were none to happy about seeing their work for sale online for as little as $25. When he found out about the practice, Contemporary director Peter Doroshenko put a stop to it. “In my opinion it was a dumb move,” he said to Front Row, where you can also read the letter from the artists.

 VACANCY AT THE TOP: Theatre Arlington executive director Todd Hard has resigned his post to move to Las Vegas to be closer to family. He took over for B.J. Cleveland two years ago. “Todd’s decision to leave Theatre Arlington came as a big surprise to all of us, but we totally understand his need to move to Las Vegas to be closer to his family,” Beau Browne, president of the theater’s board, said in a news release posted on The company is currently running The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife.

PLAYING HARDBALL: Remember back in December, when the DMA announced it was returning a mosaic it believed to be looted to Turkey? In addition to saying it was the right thing to do, the idea was also floated that this would pave the way for future loans from the country. It’s too early to see how that will play out, but you can be fairly certain those loans won’t be going to countries who haven’t played nice with Turkey. The Guardian has the story about how foreign archaeologists are finding it hard to continue excavation work in the country, unless their countries’ museums have played ball with Turkey.