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Time-Lapse Video: Watch The Art&Seek Graffiti Wall Bloom

by Dane Walters 14 Nov 2012 3:26 PM

Did you contribute to Art&Seek’s Graffiti Wall at Art Con 8?


Last Saturday, Art&Seek joined forces yet again with Art Conspiracy to create the event’s first “Graffiti Wall.”  Everyone who attended was invited to become artists and make their mark on the chalkboard mural.  I was there to catch the creation on camera with this time lapse video.  The video is made from more than 1,300 photos taken over six hours. The camera, equipped with a wide-angle lense was set up on a ladder 15 feet back from the wall.  An intervalometer was used to capture a photo every 15 seconds.  The photos were then processed in Adobe Lightroom and edited in Final Cut Pro.  Be sure to check back later this week for some more time lapse fun from Art Con 8.  Thanks to ArtCon, for their help making this happen!

If you helped contribute to the wall, share this video with your friends, and comment below the time when you first pop up.

  • Jackie Boyer

    Awesome job Dane! I love the slow Zoom in.

  • JeromeWeeks

    There was a slow zoom??? I was too busy trying to identify me.

  • @pennykim at 1:05