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ArtCon 8: Who Are The Contributing Artists?

by Sarah Hennigan 8 Nov 2012 4:53 PM

Feast your eyes on who’s creating a feast for your eyes at Art Conspiracy this Saturday.


Making lovely pieces for you! At the ArtCon warehouse on Dragon Street last weekend.


Art Conspiracy is right around the corner.

Around 150 artists  dropped by this year’s warehouse, a former Good Year tire retread plant, to make their pieces last Saturday.  Our Flickr photo winner of the week captured some of the completed work.

All of it will be auctioned off this Saturday.

There will be bands:  Blackstone Rangers, Daniel Hart, and headliners Burning Hotels will all perform. And Art&Seek invites you to make your mark at our giant graffiti wall.  More details on all of it.

But the artists are really the folks making this happen. Here are this year’s participants:

(PS: Happy to add your link if I didn’t find it.)

Rachel Abrams

Ray Albarez

Heather Alley

Ryan Amarit

Luz Carmen Avendano

Cheryl Baker

Jason Barnett

Lacy Barnett-Cagle

Stephenie Barr-Hughes

G. Marc Benavidez

Gina Benson

Cabe Booth

Kimberly Bradshaw Meadows

Rebekah Burch

Moriah Burchfield

Travis Bush

Carissa Byers

Michael Cagle

Iris Candelaria

Jeremy Catenacci

Jane Cheek

Jim Clement

Cathryn Colcer

Brandy Collins

Cecil Coronado

Shelby Cunningham

Amber Davis

Vanessa Davis

Laura Doughtie

Will Dowdy

Eric Drobile

Bianca Elise

Melissa Ellis

Desiree Espada

Valarie Evans

Erin Fairbrother

Angela Faz

Erica Felicella

Pamm Fine

Ange Fitzgerald

Jacque Forsher

Sarah Francis

Karla Garcia

Annie Gazaway

Nicola Glenn

Aaron Glissmann

Lauren Gray

Jennifer Gregory Portz

Kurt Griesbach

Brian Hamm

Adrienne Harrington

Elizabeth Hatfield

Jon Head

Scott Horn

Susan Hubenthal

Danny Hurley

Elena Isayenko

Kelly Jacobi

Jason Janik

Alison Jardine

Joshua Kanon

Hep Kat

Cherry Kelln

Nick Kirk

Brian Knowles

Michael Krolczyk

Daniel Kunser

Colin Lafleur

Jenn Lafleur

Susan Langley

Amanda Lewis

Kathryn and Randy Lisbona

Melanie Llewellyn

Sara Lovas

Daphyne Lyle

Kate Mackley

Kristi Madden

Laurie Mahoney

Jesse Martinez

Enrique Mascorro

Christa Mccall

Patrick McDonnell

Mary Katherine McElroy

Aralyn McGregor

Christeen McKinney

Lydia McKinney

Michael McPheeters

Catalyna Mendez

Robbie Michael

Courtney Miles

Margo Miller

Monica Moody

In Cooperation With Muscle Nation

Greg Needel

Vanessa Neil

Mark Nelson

Jayme Nourallah

Kevin Obregon

Caroline Oliver

Chris Panatier

Richard Patterson

Michelle Pauken

Betty Peck

Paul Pena

Cody Phillips

Melanie Poehls

Michael Potts

Brian Price

Pamela Rabin

Steve Rainwater

Jennifer Ramos

Angela Rawlings

Steven Reeves

Guy Reynolds

Janet Reynolds

Sully Ridout

Andrea Roberts

David Rodriguez

Patricia Rodriguez

Richard Ross

Richard Rukus

Julia Schloss

Clint Scism

Eva Semrad

Paul Semrad

Jennifer Sereno

Leah Shafer

Jeff Shaw

Scott Shirley

Xanthippe Sotiriadis

Nelson Spencer

Andie Sterling

Alex Stock

Lauren Stout

Michelle Stroescu

Kris Swenson

Gennifer Tannehill

Zach Tidwell

Alejandro Trevino

Dana Turet

Can Turkyilmaz

Christina Van Hamersveld

Marilyn Vicente

Ricki Vincent

Ryan Vojir

Dannah Walter

James Warton

David Wilson

Harmony Witte

Herb Wright

Sarah Zamora



  • Richard Rukus link –
    I’ve added some free art goodness around the Art Con warehouse. Like a scavenger hunt without clues. If you find one it’s yours. Come out to Art Con 8, Nov 10 art, food, fun, support your community!

  • Richard Patterson

    Hi! The Richard Patterson participating in ArtCon is totally not the British artist represented by Goss-Michael. I should know because I am him and I am not British, represented by a gallery, or half as talented as THAT Richard Patterson. For what it’s worth you can see my work at I should change my name if this art thing pans out, huh?

  • JeromeWeeks

    But …. you could pretend to BE that Richard Patterson, couldn’t you? For the one night? We won’t tell anyone. Put on a British accent. Thanks for the correction.

  • Angela Rawlings-!/emilynigmasbrightshinyobjectS