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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 6 Nov 2012 7:48 AM

Today in the roundup: Reviewing Undermain’s ‘Burying Our Father,’ words with Billy Joe Shaver and how your vote affects the arts.


WELCOME BACK: If you’re an Undermain Theatre regular, you’re familiar with Fred Curchack and Laura Jorgensen. The pair have previously performed Monkey: the Quest to the west, Noh: Angels, Demons and Dreamers and Golden Buddha Beach. And now they’re back with Burying Our Father, the biblical story of Isaac and Ishmael reuniting to send Abraham on to the afterlife. It’s a story that Islam, Judaism and Christianity have each put their spin on, and those different versions are the story are interwoven in the performance. “The accusations and insults fly, as Curchack and Jorgensen shift wigs, costumes, beards, hats, weapons and musical instruments to embody at least ten Old Testament familiars, including God and at least one guiding angel. The speed and agility of these two actors, changing personas and moving in and out of shadowed versions of their characters, is a thrill in itself,” Martha Heimberg writes on “There’s a lot of humor along the way, much of which will strike the pious as hideously inappropriate,” Lawson Taitte writes on Catch it through Nov. 17.

MOVIES AND MUSIC: The Lone Star International Film Festival begins Wednesday night in Fort Worth. Each year, the festival hands out the Stephen Bruton Award, given to a musician who also has a connection to film. Previous winners include Kris Kristofferson and T Bone Burnett, and this year, the honor goes to Billy Joe Shaver. “It’s quite a big deal to me,” Shaver tells “I don’t really know why I’m getting it … but Stephen was my first guitar player and he was a great guy and I loved him like a son, really. It meant a lot for me that this [award] happened.”

ARTS ON THE BALLOT: What effect will today’s election results have on the arts? If you haven’t yet headed out to the polls, check out a breakdown of what’s at stake on