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Food & Photos: Slideluck Coming To Dallas

by Anne Bothwell 24 Oct 2012 4:31 PM

A simple idea to get great conversations started and share interesting work: potluck dinner and a slideshow.


Slideluck Potshow  started in a Seattle photographer’s  backyard. It’s grown internationally, and in some cities, Slideluck attracts audiences of around 1,000.  It’s name mixes up two words: Slideshow and Potluck. And that’s basically what you’re in for.

On Nov. 3, for $10 or a jar of peanut butter for the North Texas Food Bank, you can head into the Power Station and enjoy a potluck dinner prepared by local chefs and beer from Brooklyn Brewery. After dinner, the slideshow starts.

So how’d this wind up coming to Dallas?

Leila Wright, executive director of Slideluck Dallas, says the short answer is she was inspired to bring the event to Dallas after attending a Slideluck in NYC.  She loved the power of connection and interaction she saw.

“There was a sense of family and participation and also the chance to surround yourself with creativity and art,” Wright told me in an e-mail.  “I left feeling so hopeful about humanity. I wanted to bring that to Dallas as an offertory nudge in the right direction as Dallas continues on its soul search.”

The first Slideluck will feature work from Brandon Thibodeau, Can Turkyilmaz, Danny Fulgencio, Dominic Bracco II, Frank Coronado, Ginger Berry, Jared Moossy, Kael Alford, Kirsten Luce, Lianne Milton, Raul Rodriguez, Rodrigo Cruz, Shawn Christopher Jackson, Spike Johnson, Stephen Masker, Thomas Meredith and Thorne Anderson.

An afterparty at the Amsterdam Bar will feature more slideshows.

Added bonus for local photographers: Slideluck is hosting a portfolio review earlier on Saturday, with a host of pros scheduled to review.  Fee’s $30 and participants get 3 20-minute sessions from the reviewers of their choice.

Tickets for the Slideluck and the portfolio review.

(List of reviewers in the press release after the jump)

For Immediate Release:



Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

6pm Potluck | 8pm Slideshow | Afterparty to follow

Location | The Power Station | 3816 Commerce ST

Afterparty | The Amsterdam Bar | 831 Exposition AVE




SLIDELUCK, Bringing Artists And Art Enthusiasts Together For A Potluck And A Slideshow



Slideluck Potshow (aka Slideluck) is a mash-up of the words slideshow and potluck.  The sense of mixing things up is an essential component of this event:  by bringing together diverse but complimentary foods, people, artwork, ideas, genres, friends, cultures, industries and perspectives – something unique and magical is born.  It is not every day that photographers, politicians, abstract painters, industrial designers, editors, entrepreneurs, teachers, lawyers, DJs, and gallerists gather under one roof to break bread and partake in the communal experience of an old-fashioned slideshow.  Presenters range from the very accomplished to those who have never shown work publicly before. Slideluck is a forum for exposing artists, curators, reps, and editors to new work, while infusing the arts community with a non-commercial vitality and refreshing exchange. More than anything else, Slideluck is an exhilarating and stimulating occasion that is meant to remind us of why we create in the first place.

What started in the Seattle backyard of photographer Casey Kelbaugh in 2000 with 50 people – not only draws crowds of up to 1000 in numerous cities internationally – but is the Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Potluck on Earth. Internationally Slideluck can be found in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Bucharest, São Paulo, Bogotá, Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal and Nairobi. Nationally Slidelucks are happening from New York to LA, Chicago, DC, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Minneapolis, Phoenix… and now Dallas.  Named one of the New York 100 “most innovative, rule-breaking, model-changing ideas to come out of the Big Apple,” Slideluck will continue to be a magnet for a hugely artistic and influential crowd.




Submissions will be curated by Stacey Clarkson, art director at Harper’s Magazine, and Jamie Wellford, senior photo editor at Newsweek and Dallas local Charles Dee Mitchell, art critic and curator. This year the event will be hosted at The Power Station. For all you can eat and drink, the door is $10 or free if you bring a jar of peanut butter to donate to the North Texas Food Bank. The evening begins with feasting on the potluck dishes of local chefs and drinking beers lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery. Following the potluck, the lights are dimmed, the crowd is hushed, and a spectacular slideshow commences. Attendees are encouraged to bring something sweet for dessert and mingling after the slideshow. For those who aren’t ready for the evening to end, the afterparty will be held a block away at The Amsterdam Bar, featuring several DJ’s and a silent disco.


This years sponsors include: Brooklyn Brewery, Viewbook, Sandbox studios, Prekindle, Central Track and House of Plates.


Slideluck will also be hosting a portfolio review for local photographers the day of the event. Reviewers include Stacey Clarkson, art director at Harper’s Magazine, Guy Reynolds, photo editor at Dallas Morning News, Jason Dibley, cataloger at Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Danielle Avram Morgan, of The Power Station, Thorne Anderson, UNT photojournalism professor and director of UNT photo scholarship, Jasimine DeFoore, photo editor and marketing consultant, Cynthia Mulcahy, independent curator. The fee is $30 and includes three 20 minute sessions with the reviewers of their choice. Tickets can be bought at


For Slideluck inquires:

Leila Wright, Executive Director Slideluck Dallas, (214)773-8050, [email protected]

Kael Alford, Producer Slideluck Dallas, [email protected]

Mariah Tyler, Producer Slideluck Dallas, [email protected]

Casey Kelbaugh, Founder & Director, [email protected]