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VIDEO: Arts District Needs Alcohol, Coffee And Food; Is Compared to Shopping Mall

by Anne Bothwell 19 Oct 2012 3:13 PM

If you missed State of the Arts with Veletta Forsyth Lill, Mark Banta and Maria Munoz-Blanco earlier this month, now’s your chance to check it out on video.



Outgoing Arts District Director Veletta Forsyth Lill discussed the challenges her replacement will face.  Klyde Warren Park President Mark Banta uses the analogy of a shopping mall and its anchor stores to explain how growth may play out in the district.  And Maria Munoz-Blanco, director of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, says younger generations have something to teach us about becoming more bike-and-pedestrian friendly.

The season opener for State of the Arts earlier this month was a wide-ranging conversation moderated by KERA’s Jeff Whittington. Want to skip through to the good parts? Then you’ll appreciate this index  in the description of the video.



  • Jonathan

    The Arts District needs a Starbucks or a Cafe Express, given a prime location. Seriously…. one of those two. But I’m sure traffic in the area would never sustain those locations, But the Arts District needs something confortable and familiar. The current eating spots are (a) somewhat hidden in One Arts Plaza and (b) not recognizable names or concepts. I know that sounds picky but it is true. The food trucks are a great addition although some of the trucks gave me that, “can I just get a simple taco or burger?” feeling. Point is – there needs to be options that appeal to a very broad range of people.