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Got A Story Worth Telling Strangers? Submit To Oral Fixation

by Lyndsay Knecht 10 Oct 2012 10:47 AM

Oral Fixation kicked off its storytelling season last night with a “best of” presentation. Lyndsay Knecht was there and suggests you get fixated.


The cast of last night's "Oral Fixation"

Do friends depend on you for compelling true-life  monologues at dinner parties? Are you an essayist crunching on a personal story? Do you want to share a significant experience but have absolutely no experience with writing or public speaking? If you answered yes to any of those, you’d fit right in with storytellers that have made the Oral Fixation series.

Producer, editor, and creator Nicole Stewart is taking submissions for this season’s first original show. And last night at the MAC, seven of last season’s best stories were told. To really explain how diverse and interesting the project is: The story that actually made me cry was a vignette with a nightstand as protagonist, and the teller submitted it under the “One Night Stand” prompt.

The theme for the next show, Nov. 6, is “Baby Steps.” Suggestions: formative ballet memories, infant stepsiblings, accidents on narrow stairwells. You’re welcome.