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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 24 Sep 2012 7:40 AM

Today in the roundup: Whatever happened to the Arts Center of North Texas? Plus, birthday wishes and big money to spend on the arts.


ARTS CENTER UPDATE: The land is still sitting there for the propopsed Arts Center of North Texas (formerly the Arts Center of Collin County). What will happen to it is still up in the air. A new plan was suggested in February, but no action has been taken on it. And now, reports that the talk is mostly focused on how to divide up the project’s assests (including the land).

HAPPY  BIRTHDAY: A belated Happy Birthday to, which turned 6 last week. The site is operated by former Dallas Morning News TV critic Ed Bark; if you’re at all interested in the local TV biz, the site is a must-read. And with the fall TV season getting going in earnest this week, Ed’s got reviews of the new shows.

NICE PROBLEM TO HAVE: City governments are trimming the contributions they make to arts organizations all the time. So how nice it must be to live in Denver, where the city has $57 million sitting around to spend on local culture. But as reports – it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a lot or a little to spend – people are going to argue over it either way.