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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 17 Sep 2012 8:00 AM

Today in the roundup: An update on the Ridglea renovation, plus reviews of North Texas movie theaters and an innovative take on ushers.


RENOVATING THE RIDGLEA: The overhaul of Fort Worth’s Ridglea Theater is almost complete. It’s taken nearly 18 months, but Jerry Shults, who owns the theater, says it took time to get the details right. “I’m really proud of being involved with the project, particularly because we were able to restore the marquee, the mural and the floor, which, quite honestly, I didn’t know if it was possible or not. There was so much trauma to the floor,” he tells Along with the story, there’s a nice slideshow that details some of the work.

AT THE MOVIES: When’s the last time you saw a movie at a theater other than the one closest to your house? Maybe it’s time you ventured out a little – North Texas is actually home to a slew of really nice theaters. If you need a little help deciding where to spend your $10, the staff at has written reviews of about a dozen local theaters.

THE NEW USHERS: And speaking of movie theaters, thumbs up to one in London that is employing people dressed as ninjas to roam the halls looking for people behaving poorly.