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iPhone 5 – The End of Hype?

by Bart Weiss 17 Sep 2012 11:52 AM

Guest blogger Bart Weiss wonders why the latest and greatest smart phone hasn’t caused much excitement in the tech community.


Guest blogger Bart Weiss is the artistic director of VideoFest.

So last week, the new iphone 5 finally arrived. In a sense, it was a rather bizarre event. Everybody knows that it is going to sell like crazy, but nobody was really excited.  Since the beginning of the iPhone, the launch events have been major media events.  But this is the post-Steve Jobs era, and it just did not blow people away. If you look at the phone and what it can and will do, it is quite remarkable. But the lack of buzz was almost shocking.  My theory is that more than any other release, the size and features had been leaked out. The websites who dig through the patents and the hidden pages of case developers had already revealed too much. There was even video of the phone out a few days before the launch.

But I think the real reason is that we now have a mature product in the iphone. What would have wowed us? Would people have more buzzed if it came in hot pink?
And the biggest question: Have we reached the plateau of productivity in the hype cycle?