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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 14 Sep 2012 7:36 AM

Today in the roundup: Reviewing Theatre Arlington’s ‘Rent,’ asking art a question and Shane Pennington on his City Performance Hall curtain.


REVIEWING ‘RENT’: Theatre Arlington opens its 40th anniversary season with the ’90s crowd-pleaser Rent. So is it a critic pleaser? Punch Shaw says yes. “This is a show that should be too large for a house this size to pull off,” he writes on “But thanks to excellent direction by Andy Baldwin, a fine roster of players and a stunning set by Bob Lavallee, this production pays the landlord and still has beer money left over.” Kris Noteboom, however, writes that, “Rent is a zeitgeist show, and that zeitgeist is gone,” in his review. And for him, this staging didn’t bring it back. “It often feels as if it is just people singing Rent—something every theater kid can identify with- rather than playing characters,” he writes. Judge for yourself through Sept. 30.

ASK AWAY: Next Friday, the Dallas Museum of Art hosts its monthly Late Night extravaganza. This month’s event has been dubbed “iMuseum 2.0” and features a lot of techy elements, including one that could be equal parts educational and high comedy. On the museum’s Uncrated blog, a post details how visitors will be able to address questions to three specific pieces of art via text. The works will then text back. This should be good.

QUOTABLE: “The screen is really capable of doing all kinds of things. You can blow out crazy colors and various things, but to me I felt it important to think about the meaning of the building, what’s the purpose of the building. It is really for our community, and in my mind that is kind of the staple of where I work from creatively.”

– Artist Shane Pennington, on he LED curtain he created for City Peformance Hall. Pennington describes how he created the curtain in an interview with Front Row.