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The Back to Work Tuesday Roundup

by Jerome Weeks 3 Sep 2012 5:56 PM

We’re back! You’re back! And the Roundup is here to help with the pain. We’re easing you into this shortened week with items about The Producers,, drinking for the arts, Frank Lloyd Wright and Terrence Malick.


BIALYSTOCK AND BLOOM GO BIG. There’s one thing arts journalists in North Texas firmly concluded last week: With The Producers, director Michael Serrecchia and actor B. J Cleveland have delivered a huge hit for the Uptown Players. It’s the first locally-produced, professional version of Mel Brooks’ bawdy, Broadway re-write of his 1968 film, and “almost everything about it is terrific” (DMN, pay wall). Given all the previous incarnations (in films, on tours), the Uptown show still “blows one away” (Front Row). Is it a bit over the top? ‘More like ‘in orbit.’ (TheaterJones) And you can find similar sentiments, marching happily in goosestep, in the Dallas Voice, the Star-Telegram and the Dallas Observer. One thing, though. The show’s still long.

NOW THASH MY KINDA ART SHLUPPORT. Through Oct. 31, when you order an ‘Artini’ at these restaurants — Jorges Tex Mex, Salum, Komali, Dragonfly, Charlie Palmer, Arcodoro & Pomodoro and the Pyramid — one dollar off the drink price goes to the Dallas Area Cultural Advocacy Coalition (DACAC), which, among other things, aims to ‘develop a partnership with the Cultural Affairs Commission for the City of Dallas to work together on educating city leaders regarding the value and contributions of arts and culture to the citizens.’

AND OTHER THINGS … The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has paired up with Columbia University and MoMA – New York to move the master architect’s massive archives to NYC where they’ll be housed and displayed. No word on any original Kalita Humphreys Theater drawings. . . . Film director Terrence Malick — whose next film subject is the Austin music scene (where he’s lived on-and-off for years) — had his current, Texas-filmed project, To the Wonder, thoroughly booed at the Venice Film Festival. . . . While Governor Romney plans to cut the NEA entirely, President Obama has plans for a five percent increase for federal arts funding in 2013. His previous budget cut funding by 13.3 percent, continuing the NEA’s financial decline since 1993.