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RZN8 Artist Profile: Cooper

by Sarah Hennigan 24 Aug 2012 2:34 PM

A local, anonymous artist tells us about the technology-themed wire sculpture that will be showcased at tomorrow’s Art Conspiracy RZN8 event.


Photograph taken by Amy Pickup

A local artist who would give only the name  Cooper has created this wire sculpture for tomorrow’s Art Conspiracy seed event, RZN8. Although the artist wishes to remain anonymous, he/she gave us some insight about the piece, and how the artist came to work with ArtCon:

My inspiration was the event. Art Con has always been a stellar operation and I enjoy helping when I can.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to create a layered pen and ink piece or a wire sculpture so I did both. I created a wire jambox called Technological Shrinkage that for policy reasons is listed under the pseudonym Cooper.  The sculpture stands as the left-over bones of the technology that is getting smaller and smarter every day. The second piece was one in a series of layered drawings of skulls and headphones. It’s called Audio Blowout II. I enjoy both mediums though it’s been a long time since I sculpted wire. It used to be my primary medium until I decided to focus on my pen work in ’07.

I got involved with Art Con in their second year as a patron. I contributed for the first time for Art Con 6. I don’t plan to stop.

When people look at my layered drawings, they try to look up behind each layer to see how I have suspended the piece. This looks like some sort of strange dance as they lean from side to side and bob up and down. I look forward to seeing that. Other than that, I want to see reactions to the wire sculpture and see some familiar faces. It will be good times.