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RZN8 Artist Profile: Alison Jardine

by Sarah Hennigan 24 Aug 2012 3:21 PM

Check out Alison Jardine’s new oil on canvas piece, Night Lights. It will be shown at this year’s Art Conspiracy.


Internationally renowned artist Alison Jardine is contributing a piece to tomorrow night’s RZN8 event. Below is a photograph of her Art Conspiracy submission entitled Night Lights. This is Alison’s fourth year contributing to ArtCon. She specializes in both traditional and digital media, and most of her work focuses around light. Originally from Yorkshire, England, Alison has been living and working in Texas since 2003.

Most of her work centers around the “human experience of consciousness.”  Alison’s digital art was featured as part of the 2012 London Olympics’ LiveLive Project.

Photograph taken by Amy Pickup

Night Lights is an oil on canvas painting, focused on the interplay of sound waves and city lights.