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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 23 Aug 2012 6:31 AM

Today in the roundup: Greater Tuna comes home, local music bits and decoding work at the DMA.


TUNA TALK: Tonight through Sunday, Greater Tuna returns to town for a six-show engagement at Casa Manana. The denizens of Texas’ third smallest town have been making audiences laugh for more than 30 years. And according to the cast, the biggest laughs come from those in the know. “When you do the Tuna shows here [in Texas], it is a different experience. It’s a love fest,” David Coffee, who plays half the roles in the show, tells “Almost everybody sees a friend or relative or even themselves in these characters. I truly know them and grew up with them.”

LOCAL MUSIC BITS: On the heels of the long-running vinyl resurgence, North Texas music nerds are also revisiting the lowly cassette tape. (DC9 at Night) … Speaking of resurrections, a number of local acts have been channeling the 90s lately with tributes to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. ( … And Dallas duo Dawson and Lazo is doing its best to bring jazz fusion back. (

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?: If you’ve passed through the Hoffman galleries at the Dallas Museum of Art lately, you may have noticed Japanese sculptor Nobuo Sekine’s late 1960s work on display. Besides being made by the same person, there’s something else that connects them – they each have the word “phase” in the title. So what’s the significance of that word to the work? DMA assistant curator for contemporary art Gabriel Ritter writes in a post on the museum’s Uncrated blog that to understand, you must be familiar with the global art trends from the time they were made.