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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 6 Aug 2012 7:40 AM

Today in the roundup: Future funding of the Arts District, how to prepare stage vomit and what it’s like to follow a legend in the family.


PUBLIC VS. PRIVATE: On Friday, Jerome reported from the media tour of the new City Performance Hall in the Arts District, assessing the plusses and minusses. The hall was funded by the city through a pair of bond issues – potentially the last building in the district to be paid for by the city. “This will end the era of building arts facilities in the Arts District,” Arts District executive director Veletta Lill tells “The next 12 to 15 to 20 years will be the private sector’s turn.”

THE PROJECTILE PROJECT: If you saw Dallas Theater Center’s God of Carnage this spring, one image probably sticks in your head – Sally Nystuen-Vahle’s character projectile vomiting all over the set. So if you’re the prop master on a show like this, how exactly do you rig up a scene like that? Glad you asked. DTC prop master John Slauson writes about the experience for and explains why he went with boiled corn starch for the vomit. “It had a nice controllable thickness, a good milky color, and it cleaned off costumes like a dream.” News you can use, for sure.

THE FAMILY BUSINESS: What’s it like to take up the same career as a parent, when that parent is a legend in the biz? It’s a question Daisy Foote has pondered ever since she decided to become a playwright like her dad, Horton. She writes openly about the life she’s chosen in an essay on “He would be the first to read a new play of mine. He’d call and ask, ‘Do you have time to talk?’ He would ask a series of questions,” she writes. “These questions would help me to see that some part of the play wasn’t as clear or as strong as it could be. Yes, there were arguments, but he always won. He just had a nose for what was phony, what wouldn’t hold.”