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VideoFest Announces Opening Night (Plus a Very Cool Program)

by Stephen Becker 2 Aug 2012 4:21 PM

VideoFest will open its 25th edition with Ann Richards’ Texas, the Texas premiere of the documentary about the former governor.


VideoFest will open its 25th edition with Ann Richards’ Texas, a documentary about the woman who led Texas from 1991-95 and was the star of the 1988 Democratic National Convention.The Sept. 27 screening in the DMA’s Horchow Auditorium will mark the film’s Texas premiere.

“She’s one of Texas’ most important characters,” VideoFest artistic director Bart Weiss said during a phone conversation this afternoon. “In a time when we’re in an election talking about character – she’s someone who did make a great bit of difference.”

Weiss also let slip details on another event that has the potential to be spectacular. On Sept. 28, VideoFest will screen Man With a Movie Camera. The silent Russian film from 1929 was in the news just yesterday, when it was ranked the eighth greatest film of all time in the new Sight and Sound poll. (“Every post-modern editing technique was invented in this film,” Weiss says.) The extra cool thing about this screening is that it will come equipped with a new original score by Voices of Change.

Considering the Oak Cliff Film Festival pulled a similar trick in June with a live score to FW Murnau’s Sunrise, this silent movie + new music idea is becoming quite the trend these days. Not that we’re complaining.