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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 9 Jul 2012 7:56 AM

Today in the roundup: Weighing in on Museum Tower vs. Nasher, Cathy Ribgy on Peter Pan and the return of the Toadies.


WEIGHING IN: On Sunday, the DMN editorial board issued its opinion on the Nasher Sculpture Center/Museum Tower dustup. The verdict? “This dispute has to go away. The luxury tower’s owners have to own this problem and get serious about reasonable fixes.” The editorial also suggests that if this thing goes to court, the Dallas Police & Fire Pension System may argue that the Nasher’s developers should have anticipatd that a problem such as this would eventually present itself downtown.

FOREVER YOUNG: The touring version of Peter Pan rolls through the Music Hall at Fair Park beginning Tuesday via Dallas Summer Musicals. And a familiar face will once again play the title role. Cathy Rigby’s played Peter for nearly 20 years, and she says that at this point it’s like slipping on a comfortable pair of shoes. “My relationship with the role is a great metaphor for life,” she tells “You get to a point where you love someone or something and you know it so well, it becomes easy. I feel as though in some ways I’ve become Peter Pan.”

ROCKING ON: Fort Worth’s Toadies have a new album out July 31. Play. Rock. Music. will be the band’s fifth in its 23 years. And it’s got frontman Vaden Todd Lewis reminiscing about Rubberneck, the major-label debut that put the band on the map. When it came out, Lewis was still working at a Sound Warehouse in Fort Worth. “Our expectations were low,” he tells the Texas Tribune about their first record deal. “I looked at the whole scenario like I’d tricked them into letting me make a record. I figured we’d do what we could get away with, and then they’ll drop me and I’ll get to go back to work in the store.”