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Hey! The DMA's First e-Catalogue, App Catalogue. Whatever.

by Jerome Weeks 8 Jun 2012 9:59 AM

Continuing new director Maxwell Anderson’s push for an all-things digitally-upgradable art museum, the DMA has released an electronic catalogue for its new George Grosz-in-Dallas show.


Of all people, ex-patriate graphic artist George Grosz — the scathing satirist of German militarism and Weimar decadence — was commissioned in 1952 to paint a series of Dallas cultural landscapes for the A. Harris & Company department store. For the 60th anniversary of his Impressions of Dallas series — with its pretty images of a lively, ambitious, segregated city —  the Dallas Museum of Art recently opened the exhibition, “Flower of the Prairie: George Grosz in Dallas.”

And now for the first time, the entire series has been published. It’s available online along with a number of Grosz’ other watercolors and sketches, plus an evaluation of Grosz’ post-war career — via the DMA’s first iPad app, available at iTunes.

  • Jheimberg

    … and it is free 🙂

  • Jheimberg

    … and it is free 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yes, of course, Ms. Heimberg. I forgot to mention that. Free!

  • JeromeWeeks

    Yes, of course, Ms. Heimberg. I forgot to mention that. Free!