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Another Weekend, Another Public Art Project in Oak Cliff

by Stephen Becker 15 May 2012 7:23 AM

This weekend offers another shot to get together in the Cliff and discuss art in all its forms.


Last weekend, Erica Felicella captured the hearts and minds of Oak Cliff with Visible Shell, her public art project that took place behind the Kessler Theater. And this weekend offers another shot to get together in the Cliff and discuss art in all its forms.

Seventeen Hundred Seeds will host a picnic on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. to introduce the temporary land-art project featuring 1.6 acres of wildflowers at 715 W. Davis. The project is a collaboration between Dallas artist Robert Hamilton and Dallas curator Cynthia Mulcahy. There are plenty of details on the Art&Seek calendar.

So far, the forecast looks clear. Might be a good idea to get outside before the heat hits. More info from the press release after the jump.

Seventeen Hundred Seeds Press Release:

The public art project Seventeen Hundred Seeds, a collaboration between Robert Hamilton and Cynthia Mulcahy,
is a temporary site-specific land art project in an empty 1.6 acre lot in the heart of South Dallas.

It all began on a late Friday afternoon in March with the debris-clearing and mowing of a large, empty field
in preparation for a second day of tractor-tilling and prepping of the soil for planting. Finally, in advance
of an obliging Texas rainstorm, over seventeen hundred seeds were individually planted by an eight-member crew
in a uniform grid pattern. The seeds, all Aztec Gold sunflowers, will grow to heights of five to seven feet
with ample eleven-inch flower heads by mid-May.

Located in the busy heart of Oak Cliff off a well-traveled car and pedestrian street, the public art project
has been on view since field preparation began March 15th, offering up a daily tableau of the farmer’s life
of land tilling and seed planting, weeding and watering, and finally harvesting and sharing.

The activity in the empty lot, a form of artistic intervention or farming as street theater, has drawn many
area neighbors, passersby, and local business folk curious about what’s going on in their community. “You don’t
often see a tractor tilling soil in the city,” the very first visitor declared. Others have shared their knowledge
of the history of the land, even family photographs, or memories of flower gardens in their native Mexico. With
our farm crew in the field, laughs and stories have been swapped over as many tacos and beer during weeks of crop
cultivation. All are part of the process.

Seventeen Hundred Seeds remains on view to humans, insects and animals through the month of June and is free and
open to the public.

Seventeen Hundred Seeds is generously underwritten by Courtney Rainwater. Land provided by Rick Garza, Bishop/Davis LLC.
Water provided by Juan Pablo Segura of Familia Auto Sales. Farming consulation provided by Mulcahy Farms. Graphic
Design by Lily Smith-Kirkley. Planting blueprint by landscape designer Kelley Murry.

Installation/Maintenance Crew
Juan Cano
Efren Gutierrez
Robert Hamilton
Cynthia Mulcahy
Courtney Rainwater
Jose Tinajero
Jose Villa

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