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This Year's Texas Institute of Letters Awards

by Jerome Weeks 20 Apr 2012 8:07 AM

The 76th annual meeting of the state’s own literary academy announced the results of its judges’ deliberations. The surprising news isn’t really among the winners. It’s who’s a new member.


A little late getting to this, but the Texas Institute of Letters announced its statewide literary awards this week. The big fiction winner was, expectedly, Stephen Harrigan for his novel, Remember Ben Clayton. Harrigan is a previous winner for The Gates of the Alamo, among others. The big non-fiction winner was Steven Fenberg for his biography of Jesse H. Jones, the  Houston entrepreneur, Unprecedented Power: Jesse Jones, Capitalism, and the Common Good.

If you scroll down past all the other winners (of the Kay Cattarulla Short Story Award, the O. Henry Magazine Award, etc.), you’ll find a list of new members. These include two notable names from Dallas: Alan Govenar, the prolific author and blues scholar — and Jim Schutze.