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San Antonio Opera to File for Bankruptcy

by Jerome Weeks 17 Apr 2012 10:42 AM

Another one bites the dust. But another one rises up.


Back in January, we noted that tickets for the remaining season performances of the San Antonio Opera had disappeared from Ticketmaster, they closed their offices and their staff was reduced to two people. Now, the Express-News reports, the opera will file for liquidation within 20 days — because it’s facing a federal lawsuit from a musicians’ union. Members were still owed payment for a past performance.  This was the opera’s 16th season.

Meanwhile…  some 20 days after that 20 days’ limit is passed, another San Antonio opera group will hold its first gala concert. By 2015, Opera Theater San Antonio plans to move into the city’s new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, an updated and expanded version of the old Municipal Auditorium, currently under construction.

  • Hector Armienta

    It is tragic when any legacy performing arts organization folds. When it happens, my question always is what initiatives did they take to build new audiences. Given the changing demographics of this country and particularly the growing Latino population, it is key for any organization to develop and produce works that reflecting the cultural diaspora of this country. Though important, it is no longer enough to offer free matinees and in school programs if performing arts organizations want to build new audience and a new donor base. Diversity in programming is key to the success and future of opera, ballet, and symphonic music.
    Hector Armienta –