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Dallas Art Fair Discoveries

by Brad Ford Smith 13 Apr 2012 12:56 PM

Guest blogger Brad Ford Smith helps you plan your weekend at the fair.


Guest blogger Brad Ford Smith is a Dallas artist and art conservator

Sharon Engelsten – Kirk Hopper Fine Art

From the day that the Dallas Art Fair first opened its doors, it has been a very well-executed, stable art event located in a kind of crazy maze of hallways and temporary walls. The caliber of artwork on view qualified the Dallas Art Fair as the best art exhibit in North Texas for three years running. And this year, the fair continues that tradition.

H.C. Westermann – Lennon Weinberg Inc.

For those who haven’t been to the Dallas Art Fair, you will find it packed with artwork that will make your heart flutter as you discover new galleries, new artists, old masters and a few “OMG, I just read about this artist in Art In America” moments. For artists, this show is inspiring. For collectors, it’s a chance to mark a few things off your wish list, and maybe add a few more on.

For those who have attended the past Dallas Art Fairs, this year it may seem more like going to visit friends. You already know what to expect, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the visit. There are certain galleries that I always look forward to seeing, and certain artists whose artwork I am excited to see more of. And, as always, there’s a few unexpected discoveries, too.

Kinke Kooi – Feature Inc.

This year, the side events and panel discussions offer good reasons to go to the fair, and to go back again. On my to do list is:  “Art Smart: Knowing and Protecting the Value of Your Collection” (Friday, 5 p.m.), “Artist Run Galleries” (Saturday, 2 p.m.) and my top pick, “Dallas Galleries Off the Wall: Tales from the Back Room” (Sunday, 1 p.m.) with Tally Dunn, Chris Worley, Cheryl Vogel and Missy Finger. These four powerful women who have been instrumental in the development of the Dallas art scene will be talking about running galleries and trends in the contemporary art world.

John Alexander – Pace Prints

Of special note to printmakers and collectors: on Saturday (11 a.m.) Pace Prints will have artist John Alexander and master printer Justin Israels pulling mono prints using a lithograph technique that is surprisingly quick, detailed and non-toxic.

For a quick taste of the Dallas Art Fair check out the new DAF Gallerist webpage. It has tons of images and links to all the galleries at the art fair.