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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 12 Apr 2012 8:04 AM

Today in the roundup: Betty Buckley’s masculine side, a multitalented violinist in Fort Worth and Theatre Arlington’s key to success.


LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Betty Buckley knows her way around a showtune. But there have been plenty of classic songs that have eluded here – because they are sung by men. But the Fort Worth legend isn’t letting that stand in her way any longer. Next Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, Buckley will perform Ah, Men! – which features her favorite songs written for men – at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth.  “I started thinking about the different parts that I was interested in doing and the great men’s roles that affected me so much as a kid,” she tells “I started thinking back to when I first encountered musical theater and these roles that I would never get to play.”

THE PRODIGY: Beginning tonight, 19-year-old violinist Will Hagen will make his debut with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, performing Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. But music isn’t the only thing he’s passionate about – before he started studying with Itzhak Perlman at The Julliard, he was a high-level baseball player as well. “Juilliard doesn’t have a baseball team,” he tells “You could put together a killer chess team perhaps, but Juilliard is not really known for its athletic prowess.”

QUOTABLE: “Theatre Arlington has a reputation for treating actors well. We have to, because we can’t pay them well. We hire directors that actors want to work with. We try to pick scripts that make actors say, ‘I’ve always wanted to do that show.’ I will always push for more and better with all of our shows.”

– Theatre Arlington executive producer Todd Hart, in an profile. Hart can currently be seen on stage at Theatre Arlington in Pete ‘n’ Keely.