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Dashing with the DMA

by Jerome Weeks 23 Mar 2012 11:41 AM

How many books have been added to the Dallas Museum of Art’s library? What’s the downtime on the Wifi there? Don’t know, don’t care? Ah, but there are some deets in the DMA’s new dashboard site that can be very revealing.


As he did at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2007, and as he promised to do after arriving at the Dallas Museum of Art, new director Maxwell Anderson has launched an online “dashboard” for the museum. It offers some institutional transparency, a curated backstage look at some of the DMA’s basic stats — the size of its endowment (near ’bout $145 mill), insurance on the collection ($400 mill), current number of employees (251) — along with the occasional, amusing trivia: miles on the Go Van Gogh van (15,747), images on Flickr (9,442).

So — you’re not going to get a lot of info about individual donors and their bequests, but you no longer have to call up the DMA if you want to know the square footage of their “food service space” (9,066).

By the way … any other leading North Texas arts institution care to follow suit? Kimbell? Dallas Opera?