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Tonight, Last 'State of the Arts' This Season: Nic Nicosia and Beowulf Borittt

by Jeff Whittington 15 Mar 2012 9:45 AM

Beowulf Boritt designs sets like the one up for Dallas Opera’s The Lighthouse. Nic Nicosia creates intricate scenes for his conceptual photos. Jeff Whittington previews the last State of the Arts and invites you to join us tonight at the DMA.


Beowulf Boritt

What gives a static piece of visual art movement? What role does scenic design play in a theater production’s impact? We’ll discuss the evolving fields of conceptual art and theater design and the role of staging in both the visual arts and performance at tonight’s State of the Arts. Our panelists are award-winning and prolific scenic designer Beowulf Boritt and Dallas-born and award-winning conceptual artist Nic Nicosia.

Known primarily for designing Broadway and Off-Broadway musical productions, Beowulf Boritt is in town this week working on The Dallas Opera’s production of The Lighthouse, which opens this weekend at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre. We’ll learn how Boritt manages both the business and creative sides of his incredibly hectic career and why he doesn’t feel that he needs to have a “brand” as a theater designer.

Nic Nicosia

Nic Nicosia grew up in Dallas and graduated with an RTVF degree from the University of North Texas, so it makes sense that his intricately planned and staged photographic artworks reflect the level of detail typically found in filmmaking. We’ll discuss how he discovered the path to his pioneering art form and how his art practice continues to evolve.

I hope you’ll join us tonight (Thursday, March 15th) at the Dallas Museum of Art’s Horchow Auditorium. Details and a link for reservations are here. Watch video of previous State of the Arts conversations here.