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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 1 Mar 2012 7:08 AM

Today in the roundup: The fight over the Las Colinas entertainment complex, the history of Fort Worth metal and reviewing ‘Time in Kafka.’


THE SHOWDOWN: On Friday, the Irving City Council will hold a special meeting to decide if it wants to spend $200,000 to receive a public bond rating on the $170 million the city plans to contribute to a new entertainment complex in Las Colinas. Sounds like a typical boring council meeting right? Actually there’s a lot at play here. The whole controversial history of the project – including how May’s council elections could decide its fate – is recounted on

ROCK ON: Fort Worth has a heavy metal past that dates back about as far back as metal itself. But over the past 30 years or so, the scene has ebbed and flowed along with metal’s popularity. If you’ve ever banged your head at a concert, you owe it to yourself to read the history of Fort Worth metal featured on the cover of the current Fort Worth Weekly. Of particular note is the idea that the city could be the home of a future Heavy Metal Hall of Fame.

A WORLD PREMIERE: Time travel, tarot-card readers, Kafka – it’s got to be Undermain Theatre we’re talking about, right? Currently, Undermain is producing the world premiere of Len Jenkin’s Time in Kafka, which at its most basic deals with a college professor trying to track down a lost manuscript. “Even if this one isn’t the most satisfying bit of entertainment the Undermain has served up, it’s original—or at least that dreaded word “interesting”—and absolutely beautiful to look at,” is how Mark Lowry sums it up for Meanwhile, Liz Johnstone loved the look of the show, but calls it, “an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink drama that struggles mightily for mind-bending and meaningful but lands somewhere around mildly entertaining and mindless,” in her Front Row review. See for yourself through March 17.