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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 27 Jan 2012 8:13 AM

Today in the roundup: A big weekend for local clarinetists, rethinking what engagement in the arts means and the Amon Carter’s new interpretation manager.


THE NEED FOR REED: This weekend is a big one for local clarinetists. Earlier in the week, we pointed to an interview with Dallas Symphony Orchestra prinicpal clarinetist Gregory Raden, who will be featured in this weekend’s program. And in Fort Worth, the FWSO will perform Fantasia Sobre Yma Sumac, a work for clarinet and orchestra that will feature its prinicpal player, Ana Victoria Luperi. She talks with about her performance this weekend and being married to the FWSO’s associate conductor, Andrés Franco.

ASSESSING ENGAGEMENT: One of the buzz words among arts institutions is “engagement.” They want to know to what degree is the public in to them. But is the answer really useful? Douglas McLennan has his doubts. The editor of ArtsJournal writes that we need to rethink the real definition of engagement. “If ‘engagement’ is merely a better way to get data about what your audience thinks about you, then it’s rather self-serving (and ultimately unsuccessful). Relationships that are too self-serving are difficult to sustain,” he writes. “If on the other hand, engagement is a better process by which to create work, it can greatly enrich the art you create.”

THE INTERPRETER: Did you know the Amon Carter has an Interpretation Manager? It’s actually a new position, which Jenna Madison has only been in a little over a week. So what does she do? She’ll tell you in a video.