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The Paul Slavens Show: Live blog for Jan. 8, 2012

by Paul Slavens 8 Jan 2012 7:42 PM

This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful music suggestions for future show. Make sure to leave a link where the music can be obtained.


Hey, there folks, pretty much recovered from the Holidays and getting comfortable writing 2012 on checks etc. This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful music suggestions for future show. Make sure to leave a link where the music can be obtained.

New to me this week:
Anna Calvi
Scala And Kolacny Bros
Rachel Sweet
Bosco Delrey
Bobby Hebb
Godzik Pink
Gary Clark Jr.
Tom Malmquist

Tonight’s playlist:

Anna Calvi, “Jezebel,” Jezebel
Japancakes, “When You Sleep,” Loveless
Beck, “Nobody’s Fault But My Own,” Mutations
Whiskey Folk Ramblers, “Night Of The Indian Man Morning,” …And There
Are Devils

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, “Solsbury Hill,” Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Rachel Sweet, “B.A.B.Y.,” Fool Around
Tom Waits, “Pasties And A G-String” [At The Two O’Clock Club], Small Change
Kurt Vile, “Peeping Tomboy,” Smoke Ring For My Halo
Röyksopp, “In Space,” Melody AM
Antony and the Johnsons, “Hope There’s Someone,” Hope There’s Someone
A Tribe Called Quest, “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo,” Peoples’
Instinctive Travels & the Paths of Rhythm
Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Shady Grove,” Classic Masters
Iron & Wine, “Rabbit Will Run,” Kiss Each Other Clean

Edith Piaf, “Jézébel,” Sous Le Ciel De Paris
Radiohead, “Staircase,” The Daily Mail & Staircase
Harry Nilsson, “Joy,” Personal Best: The Harry Nilsson Anthology
Old Snack, “Please, Please Girl,” Everything is Happening so Fast
Frank Zappa, “Naval Aviation in Art,” Orchestral Favorites
Bosco Delrey, “Baby’s Got A Blue Flame,” Everybody Wah
Cassandra Wilson, “Fragile,” Closer To You: The Pop Side
Bobby Hebb, “Sunny,” Sunny
Godzik Pink, “Mourning Wood,” Es Em –  Ekel Em
Gary Clark Jr., “Please Come Home,” Gary Clark Jr.
Boris Berman, “Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano: Sonata No. 2,”
Cage: Sonatas And Interludes For Prepared Piano
Willie Nelson, “The Rainbow Connection,” Rainbow Connection
Miles Davis, “Drad Dog,” Someday My Prince Will Come
Vashti Bunyan, “Here Before,” Lookaftering
Tom Malmquist, “Van Gogh’s Ear,” Smoke and Dial (art by accident)

  • Paul Slavens

    Hey , I am here and waiting for your input. GO !

  • Hubbytime

    Back at you. Are you packin Yellow Shark.

  • dennis

    Is there a song you could play for my dead mom’s birthday??? Age of Aquarius by the fifth dimension? Please?

  • Hubbytime

    Beck. I love this song.

  • dennis

    I can’t be the only one here! This show rocks…way too hard!!!!

    • Paul Slavens

      hey there, glad to see you here.
      Hubby, I got some Zappa but its not Yellow Shark. One of my fave, prolly not one of yours though.
      Dennis, I put the music portion of the show together during the week, so I cant play any requests
      tonite. But I will get it on next Sunday. Thanks

  • Hubbytime

    Any FZ works with me.

  • Jeff Ryan

    hey paul! Japancakes, great band from Atlanta, GA, released a record, think it was their last of two only…back in the early 00’s, both, i believe on KinderCore Records..the album i have is called The Sleepy Strange, and is pretty incredible. check it out!

  • Thom

    Cool, Tom Waits.
    I heard his ‘Silent Night/Christmas card from a Hooker’, over the Holidays. Good stuff.

  • dennis

    Thanks Paul!

  • I’m a huge Anna Calvi fan, so it was great hearing her on the radio! Anyway, great show, if you could put this it would be great:

  • Russell

    like the kurt vile. tom waits is … always. frank zappa’s genius splits atoms

  • Thom

    Papa Roach – ‘Carry Me’ from ‘Naked and Fearless’ (acoustic)
    Dire Straits – ‘Private Investigations’

  • Paul thanks for playing firefall! Hows about “i dont really mind” by Tame Impala. Theyre these kids from australia. Thanks again good sir.

    • Paul Slavens

      thanks for the nice comments and suggestions. I can totally get some Tame Impala on. Havent played them in a long time
      same with the Sebadoh. @Thom, yes and yes.

  • Yet Another James

    Great stuff tonight! Thanx for the Beck, Tom Waits & for introducing me to Anna Calvi, Japancakes & that groovy track from A Tribe Called Quest. Perhaps you could play “Not Too Amused” by Sebadoh from the Bakesale recording should you feel so inclined.

  • Mark

    My lady KK is wanting to hear ‘Video Games’ by Lana Del Ray.

    Thanks for the cluster of sounds.

    • Paul Slavens

      @Mark- rats!!you missed it by one week. I played that tune on my show last sunday night. yep, she
      appears to be blowing up.

  • Chad Rueffer

    Really cool show Paul! Haven’t learnt chess yet, but i would
    love to hear any Bartok snippets you deemed appropriate.

    • Paul Slavens

      Chad-cant rock any Bartok for you this week, although I will be playing some John Cage later this set.
      Its never to late to learn chess. Great to have you along , my friend.

  • pamitha

    Can you play me some old PJ Harvey like oh my lover, or salty dog? Any of her stuff would be great from round the 50 foot. Queenie era.

    • Paul Slavens

      I loves me some PJ, and it will go great with the Bartok. Next sunday nights show is shaping up. but I need more !

  • Linda

    As always, love your show. Wonder if you could play some Cafe Noir to honor the memory of the lovely and incredibly talented Gale Hess?
    Thanks for the music.

    • Paul Slavens

      I was unable to track down any Cafe Noir in time for the show. but I will get on it again for next week.

  • Sarah Francis

    Henry + The Invisibles is a one-man-phunk-band out of San Antonio and one of my favorite things ever. His live shows are unlike anything else I have seen and he engages the audience to where everyone is dancing the whole night! I’d love to see him get some recognition up in the Dallas area and I’d love to see him book shows here! The website is

  • Kyle K

    Paul I’m lovin’ the show! Hey next week I’d enjoy hearing Buckethead’s Shadow Between The Sky from said album if you can make it fit. Thanks!

  • Chad Rueffer

    Quite sated with Mr. Cage..thank you

    • Paul Slavens

      thanks for all the great suggestions, keep em coming, this blog will still be here all week.

  • Thom

    How about, ‘Hymn To Her’ from The Pretenders
    or ‘Misty Blue’ from Ella Fitzgerald

  • Thom

    PJ Harvey is a great idea, but so is Nick Cave, so how about the duet, ‘Henry Lee’?

  • Thom

    lol,night Paul

  • Mark Scruggs

    Hey Paul, great show tonight, and as I write, Miles … thanks. But I started with hearing John Cage – where else could I hear that music (followed by Miles) – so I go back and remember Stockhausen – I know that would be out there but a bit of the godfather of the electronic would be a treat.

  • paul muller

    I was at Rounderrecords YouTube channel and found a well done song:
    Kathleen Edwards – ‘Change The Sheets’

  • Sarah

    I’ve just started listening to your show but I’m already a BIG fan! Here is a song by a not very well known band that I absolutely love. It’s Doorways by Radical Face!/s/Doorways/3j5BOF?src=5

  • Paul1234paul5678

    I just realized that Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is on Monday, January 16, 2012. Is it too late to request a MLK song? My favorite song about MLK is “Beautiful Fool” by Don Henry off his “Wild in the Backyard” CD from the early 90’s. Below is a link of the song and lyrics. I can’t find on the internet a copy that you can purchase. It seems the only versions of his song I’m finding are live versions of the song. The album version is the best.

  • JamesJ

    It’s been a while since you’ve played The Jazz Butcher. You should play a little something off Bloody Nonsense. Fabulous Album.

  • JamesJ

    It’s been a while since you’ve played The Jazz Butcher. You should play a little something off Bloody Nonsense. Fabulous Album.