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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 4 Jan 2012 7:36 AM

Today in the roundup: Alan Governar’s new gig, ‘Dallas’ to pay Dallas and the DSO’s fight to survive.


508 PARK’S NEW BOSS: Plans are still rolling along to turn 508 Park Avenue – the historic building where Robert Johnson recorded – into a recording studio and the Museum of Street Culture. And now that museum has a leader – historian Alan Govenar. He’s certainly an authority on the city’s blues history – you might remember Jerome’s two-parter on Govenar’s book Texas Blues. And he already has ideas on the museum’s scope. “The specific focus of the museum is from 1929, when the building opened, to 1937, when Robert Johnson recorded,” he tells Unfair Park. “Of course there’s the musical and cultural antecedents, but the core focus will be on that tremendously rich period of Dallas — the death of Blind Lemon Jefferson in 1929 to the recording of Robert Johnson, which is what defines the modern sound in contemporary music.”

DALLAS TO BENEFIT FROM ‘DALLAS’: Dallas County stands to make some money on the revamped Dallas TV show. The county will allow the show to shoot inside county-owned facilities. And, of course, that doesn’t come free. The producers will pay a thousand bucks a day for the priviledge, plus a $25,000 security fee.

THE DSO’S MONEY WOES: How long can the Dallas Symhony afford to play in the red? That’s the headline of a story in the January issue of D magazine. It remains an open-ended question, but based on the experts interviewed, the prospects don’t look good without some change in the business model.