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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog Dec. 25, 2011

by Paul Slavens 25 Dec 2011 7:41 PM

Happy Christmas everyone and a jolly holiday season to all of you. Presents are all open, dinner is consumed and now it’s time to kick back and relax to some interesting music, yes ?


Happy Christmas everyone and a jolly holiday season to all of you. Presents are all open, dinner is consumed and now it’s time to kick back and relax to some interesting music, yes ? This is where you can leave your polite comments and wonderful musical suggestions for future shows. Leave a link if you can to where the music can be bought or checked out.
New to me this week:
Nada Surf
Kitty Daisy and Lewis
Bob Brookmeyer

Here’s tonight’s setlist:

Blossom Dearie, “Gentleman Friend,” My Gentleman Friend
Pat Metheny, “Ozark,”As Falls Wichita,  So Falls Wichita Falls
Nada Surf, “Me And My Arrow,” Songs From The Point!
Kristy Kruger Bach Norwood, “Santa Baby 2,” N/A
Brian Eno, “The Airman,” Drums Between The Bells
Harpo Mark, “Tenderly,” Harpo in Hi-Fi
Beck, “Broken Train,” Midnite Vultures
Kitty Daisy & Lewis, “Going Up The Country,” Kitty Daisy & Lewis
Irma Thomas, “Hittin’ on Nothin’,” Soul Queen of New Orleans
Jethro Tull, “We Five Kings,” Christmas Album
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, “Bats In The Attic,” Diamond Mine
Regina Spektor, “Real Love,” Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur
Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer, “Milo’s Other Samba,” Complete Jazz Essentials
Rainbow, “The Temple Of The King,” Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Johnny Cash, “Cremation of Sam McGee,” Personal File

Charlotte Gainsbourg, “White Telephone,” Stage Whisper
Vince Guaraldi Trio, “Skating,” A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Servo,” Give It Back!
Chuck Berry, “Merry Christmas, Baby,” Johnny B. Goode: His Complete ‘50s
Chess Recordings
Julie Andrews and Bill Lee, “Something Good,” The Sound Of Music – 45th
Anniversary Edition
The Skatalites And Friends, “James Bond (Roland Alphonso),” Musical
Communion CD3
Del Shannon, “Hats Off To Larry,” Greatest Hits
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, “Longer And Stronger,” Soul Time!
Messiaen, “Liturgie De Cristal,” Quartet For The End Of Time
Climax Blues Band, “Amerita,” Sense Of Direction
Dolly Parton, “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels,” It Wasn’t God
Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
Tiger Darrow and Paul Slavens, “Santa Claus Is Coming,” Santa Claus Is
Apparat, “Sweet Unrest,” The Devil’s Walk
Ray Charles & Betty Carter, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” Christmas With
Sinatra And Friends

  • Paul Slavens

    I am here. Are you? Lets go !

  • Miguelito

    Happy Festivus!

    Band: Hood
    Album: The Lost You
    Song: Over The Land Over The Sea


  • Tim raeuchle

    Hey Paul,
    how about some 10 Hands – I was Confused, Old Eyes, The Big One is Comming, did you ever find those wonderful tracks? They are on you tube but not at their full glory!

  • Ten hander


  • Yet Another James

    Just got my grubby little paws on two Shibboleth recordings this morning thanx to Santa. I’m a bit taken with “The Boss Bass Flute of Ian Whithurst-McKenneth” so I’d like to humbly request you play said track if you don’t mind.

  • Ray Worth

    Happy Sol Invictus. How about some Mott the Hoople, King Crimson or Captian Beyond next Sunday.

  • sonic jamulator

    merry xmas everyone and happy new year!!! I love paul, but love to hear some king singers doing conventry carol… if possible…

  • Paul i love your show. Merry christmas! We’re listening. How about Firefalls JUST REMEMBER I LOVE YOU.

    • Paul Slavens

      WOW. I will totally play that 70s classic tune (Firefall) next week. Sorry about the Coventry Carol, I pick all the music beforehand so I cant get it tonite. Thanks for the suggestions yall, so nice to know you are tuned in on this Xmas night.

  • J.C.

    I’d like to hear either of these:
    Shelley Duvall in the Popeye movie
    New Edition’s song Cool It Now

  • sonic jamulator

    for new years you should play some spitfire tumbleweeds.. we’re playing at dan’s that night with slobberbone.. woohoo!!

  • rick childers

    Hey Paul , How about some “masters of reality” from their first cd of same The Eyes of Texas, excellent show!!!! Thnaks for the Jerry Reed last week.

  • sonic jamulator

    awesome set of songs so far Paul.. also for new years .. happy new year by abba.. hehe

  • pamitha

    Glad you’re here tonight. Have you ever played Cowboy Junkies on the show? How ’bout some Otha Turner?

  • david

    Totally cool collage of styles, your Christmas song.

  • Yvonne

    May I suggest a song, if not for today then later:

    Song: Go No Further
    Group: The Bluehouse
    Album: Big

    They are an Australian group.

  • Ray Worth

    How about some rockabilly next week like Link Wray or The Cramps.

    • Paul Slavens

      Thanks everyone. Merry Christmas. See you next week

  • Martin George

    Merry Christmas, Paul. Enjoying the show tonight and wanted to share what I did ‘musical performance-wise’ today.
    BTW, I introduced myself to you briefly one Thursday night at Sons of Herman Hall when you were filling in for a rock band upstairs. I was downstairs, jammin’ with the folks at the the Electric Campfire free-for-all. We talked very briefly about music and I’m starting to play out and shop songs now that I have been in Dallas for almost 2 years. If you consider my request, you will see me accompanying (The) Marvin Matthews today on the Cathedral of Hope website.

    I got a call on Wednesday to play acoustic guitar for this very well-known and plugged in jazz-gospel man. He flew in this morning from LA and we had very brief run-through before playing. He sang “Mary, Did You Know?”. He has a Huge voice and following. My part was “thin” but I loved the opportunity to do it and got an invite to lunch this week and an intro to his agent.

    Please go to and go to the link for day’s service. We play right after the 1st hymn and invocation. The conga player warned me that Marvin goes all over the place, and he DID. This isn’t my best performance/material but I thought you might plug this old-dude songwriter emerging in Dallas and turn people on to a genuine, local moment of Christmas music.

    PS It was 50 years ago this Season that I did my very first vocal solo. I was 6 years old and had a voice that people loved. The tune was Greensleeves, tough tune for a debut! It’s been a great day though, I could have been louder and ‘better’ on the video.

    So, the bottom line, download and play the tune if you would please.
    It would complete the best Christmas I have had in a long, long time.

    Looking forward to meeting again for coffee or a song or two. I think you will like my material AND playing (lol)!


  • Martin George

    Too late! Great listening to you again and will trying to reintoduce myself to you again sometime. Soon I hope. Best wishes for a great week and new year. Thanks again, for the cool stuff you do and please, Keep doing it!

  • Andrew

    Thomas Dolby has a new Album: Good song, “Evil Twin Brother”
    By the way, Thomas Dolby made a fortune from, and was a pioneer in developing ring tone software for early cell phones in the 90’s. See NPR article on his new Album “A Map of a Floating City”.