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The Paul Slavens Show: Dec. 11, 2011 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 11 Dec 2011 7:49 PM

Here’s where you leave your musical suggestions. Leave a link if you can.


Good Evening. Good luck Cowboys. Thanks for tuning in and jumping on the blog. Won’t you please leave a suggestion or two? Nothing too long, loud or soft. And no bad words. Leave a link if you can.

New to me this week:
Doug Duffey
Freddie King
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

Tonight’s setlist:

 Aretha Franklin, Arranged by Robert Mersey, “Blue Holiday,” The Essential Aretha Franklin
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, “Just Dropped In,” Anthology
Black Sabbath, “Laguna Sunrise,” Vol 4
Doug Duffey, “Nextdoor to a Nightmare,” The Solo Sessions 1988-1992 Volume 2: Cabaret Vieux Carre
Doug Neil, “Doug Neil / I Do,” Gravitylab
Brazilian Girls, “Crosseyed and Painless,” Silencio= Muerte: Red Hot + Latin Redux
Lila Downs, “Pa’ Todo El Ano,” La Cantina
Freddie King, “Going Down,” The Best Of Freddie King: The Shelter Years
Steely Dan, “The Fez,” The Royal Scam
Gardens & Villa, “Orange Blossom,” Gardens & Villa
Melanie Safka, “What Have They Done To My Song – Ma?,” Melanie Safka
Roy Acuff, “The Precious Jewel,” The Essential Roy Acuff
Les Rita Mitsouko, “C’est Comme Ca,” Acoustiques

Syd Barrett,
“Dominoes,” Barrett
Eleanor Friedberger, “Inn Of The Seventh Ray,” Last Summer
The Faces, “Pineapple And the Monkey,” First Step
Bethan, “I Have Nothing To Say,” Chapter 1:
Gentle Giant, “Knots,” Octopus
Doc & Merle Watson, “Freight Train Boogie,” Elementary Doctor Watson
Sir Douglas Quintet, “The Rains Came,” The Best Of Sir Douglas Quintet
Cat Stevens, “I Want To Live In A Wigwam,” Footsteps In The Dark
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, “Judy Teen, Make Me Smile,” The Best Of
Steve Harley

Bed, “The Gap,” Spacebox
Sonny And Cher, “Groovy Kind Of Love,” In Case You’re In Love
Jimmy Reed, “Little Rain,” The Very Best of Jimmy Reed
Walker Brothers, “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore,” Classics &

Kingston Trio, “Wimoweh,” “From The Hungry I”
The Books, “Ghost Train Digest,” Music For A French Elevator

  • hi. irma thomas. just a thought. keep it up!

    • Paul Slavens

      I am here, BTW. Thanks for the suggestion Rich, you are the first tonite.

  • marty

    I moved really far away but I still like to keep tabs on the DFW music scene. Your show is a big help in that. Please play anything new and exciting, especially if it’s from Denton and involves the usual suspects!

  • Russell

    Paul: your ability to pick the right stuff knows no bounds. Thank you once again.

  • Paul

    J. Paul:
    New to me this week, perhaps you are familiar, Faun Fables. “the world needs more psychedelic yodeling” Here is a representative offering.

    in Ruidoso

  • rick childers

    Hey Paul ,How about a little Jerry Reed ” another puff ” off the Essential Jerry Reed .

    • Paul Slavens

      Jerry Reed? Oh He77s yeah.
      I will check out the Faun Fables. thanks

  • Andrew

    Give, The Handsome Family “Weightless Again”, a try. I don’t know how to classify this song, maybe alternative country, with accordion.


    • Paul Slavens

      I love the Handsome Family. Thanks for all the good ideas Mike
      Kev: stay away from me and get better real soon.

  • Mike

    Hi Paul,

    Here’s five things I’d like to hear:

    1. Manic Street Preachers – Virginia State Epileptic Colony off the album Journal For Plague Lovers
    2. Super Furry Animals – Chupacabras off the album Radiator
    3. The Auteurs – Everything You Say Will Destroy You off the album After Murder Park
    4. Redd Kross – Peach Kelli Pop off the album Neurotica
    5. Savage Republic – Ceremonial off the album of the same name

  • Kevin Andrew Kunreuther

    Melanie Safka – ooooh, good choice! Battling up and down fever, here. But the music is as good a balm as anything, thank you….

  • Russell

    Ray Wylie Hubbard (co-written, I think, with Hayes Carll) doing “Drunken Poet’s Dream” from the “A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There is no c)” album. Melanie and the Carter Family are always please, of course, as would be Tom Waits.

  • Paul Muller

    Would you play a Christmas song next week? My favorite is Nat King Cole’s, “Cradle In Bethlehem”. A beautifully sung tune. I sometimes listen to this song during the year, even in summer, because of its wonderful melody.

  • Jacob

    I’d love to hear something by The Men.

  • James

    How about “My Impression Now” by Guided By Voices from the Fast Japanese Spin Cycle recording?

  • Steve

    How about something by Rumblebucket. I heard “Out of a Lady” on one of the Paste samplers about 6 months ago. They sound like a pretty quirky band, and I really like them.

  • James

    Outstanding show as usual but what was that right after the Bethan song again? Distracted by the Cowboys, sorry.

    • Paul Slavens

      Gentle Giant. hyper prog rock
      Knots from the album Octopus

  • paul

    Have you ever played Monsters of Folk, “Whole Lotta Losin'”? If you have, it’s a good upbeat song worth replaying.

    • Paul Slavens

      thanks so much for all the great ideas. tune in next sunday to hear most of this stuff.

  • Martini & Katie

    Enjoyed the show last night!
    Thanks for the exciting variety of music!

    Here’s a suggestion for next week:
    “Keep On Smilin'” by Wet Willie

    Looking forward to the show!

  • Lori Brennan

    Still think you need to hear and play this local Dallas artist JT Dale. Here’s a link to all his music…
    He plays all the instruments and writes the music and lyrics. Don’t know about you, but I hate “stupid” lyrics (the kind where you can guess what’s next and that’s NOT a good thing!) and this is anything but. Please play a song…as a Christmas present to a fan? And because it’s good…